Edge Impulse Data Forwarder

I am new to this tool and embedding computing in general. I am trying to read accelerometer and gyroscope values in edge impulse studio using data forwarder but it doesnt seem to be working. I am using Adafruit feather RP2040 connected to Adafruit LSM6DSOX via i2c. I built the firmware from ei_rp2040_firmware.uf2 using the command -cmake … -DPICO_BOARD=adafruit_feather_rp2040.
What should I be doing to be able to use 6axis reading on edge impulse studio for data collection and inference?

Hi @dataexplorer007

You would be better off to create a simple program that outputs data to be forwarded here is some pseudo code to build on, if you do want to customise the firmware I have added some steps to follow at the end.

import serial, time

# Initialize serial connection to RP2040
ser = serial.Serial('COM_PORT', 115200) # Update 'COM_PORT' with your actual port

while True:
    # Read sensor data from RP2040
    sensor_data = read_sensor_data()

    # Format data as CSV string
    data_string = f"{time.time()},{sensor_data}\n"

    # Print or send the data string to Edge Impulse

    # Sleep for the desired sampling interval

Customising our firmware:
You could review how the 3 axis was created in our firmware and start from there to create your own custom function to support the 6 axis sensor.

You will also need to implement a function to read data from your custom sensor. This function should collect the sensor data to send to the Data Forwarder or direct ingestion via the firmware.



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Thank you! I ended up using the data forwarder to read the values from LSM6DSOX to edge-impulse

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Awesome and a wise choice!

Follow-up on this, I am trying to do the inference of this project (on Adafruit Feather RP2040) and getting this error on Arduino IDE -
Arduino/libraries/IUPDetection_inferencing/src/edge-impulse-sdk/classifier/ei_classifier_config.h:57:107: note: β€˜#pragma message: CMSIS-NN enabled, but neither __ARM_FEATURE_DSP nor __ARM_FEATURE_MVE defined. Falling back.’
57 | β€œCMSIS-NN enabled, but neither __ARM_FEATURE_DSP nor __ARM_FEATURE_MVE defined. Falling back.”)

My project is: 365812