Edge-impulse-data-forwarder doesn't recognise bluetooth serial port on mac


I have an esp32 with a LSM6DS3 access/gyro sending data over the serial port using USB and also via bluetooth. I’m able to connect to both of them using screen but unfortunately the data forwarder doesn’t see the bluetooth port.
Any ideas or workarounds?
Thank you

@fcobcn what version of the CLI are you using on your MacOS?
I would recommend that you upgrade to the latest version of the CLI and then try again.
Please let me know if this works for you.

Thank you Omar, I’m using v1.16.3, seems to be the latest now.

@fcobcn did this resolve the issue?

No, It’s not working.

@fcobcn just to clarify, which one that is not working? the usb serial port or the bluetooth?

The usb connection should be working out of the box.

Also when connecting the data forwarder, it should list all of the serial connection that are detected. If you have multiple detected, then you need to select one of them. Other wise you can select from the command line using which-device parameter. However, if there is only one, then probably the bluetooth is not recognised as serial port.


Thank you @OmarShrit,
USB is recognised and works with the data forwarder.
Bluetooth serial is not recognised by the data forwarder but it’s working with screen and other serial monitors.

As far as I know, node.js does not support Bluetooth. There have been attempts at adding Bluetooth support but nothing seems to stick. You might try incorporating this code with the EdgeImpulse CLI data-formwader.js.

I have managed to solve this by sending the sensor data to a second esp32 connected by USB to my laptop. Data is transferred using ESPNOW protocol.

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can i send bb.label and bb.values info with espNOW communication