Edge impulse daemon timeout error

I get an error when i try to connect my portenta H7 with Edge Impulse
serial is connected to COM6
Failed to get info off device Timeout when waiting for >(timeout :5000)
I have tried all possible methods like uninstalling and reinstalling edge impulse cli
And till yesterday i could connect and my Portenta H7 and load sample in the Edge Impulse website. I dont know why i am getting this error today. Could anyone please help

Hello @shoebk971,

Few question so I can understand better your issue:

  1. Are you trying to collect your data from the WebUSB tool from the studio or using the edge-impulse-daemon?
  2. Have you updated the default firmware?
  3. What’s your sample length / frequency?

This issue can come from several possibilities:

  • Have you used the same usb c cable? If not, can you try again with the one that worked before?
  • Is your serial console also opened somewhere else? Maybe you opened it from the Arduino IDE.
  • You are not using the default firmware or have updated it.



Did you flash any new firmware by any chance? You’ll need to run the firmware from https://docs.edgeimpulse.com/docs/arduino-portenta-h7#3-update-the-firmware for the daemon to work.