Edge-impulse-daemon raise the error: Error: Cannot find module '../sdk/studio/api'

I’m following this guide: Renesas EK-RA8D1 | Edge Impulse Documentation.
When I launch the daemon, the following error arise: Error: Cannot find module ‘…/sdk/studio/api’

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Context/Use case:
Following this guide: Renesas EK-RA8D1 | Edge Impulse Documentation

Seems like the sdk is missing. I’m using node js, as reported in the guide. I followed all steps untill the edge-impulse-daemon which causes the problem.


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  • Platform: Renesas EK-RA8D1
  • Build Environment Details: Powershell
  • OS Version: Windows 11


Same error here. I get this error after installing edge-impulse-cli on two PCs yesterday and today. Both PCs are 64-bit Windows 11, one with Visual Studio 2019 Community, the other with VS 2022 Community. Both has Node.js version 20.15.0.

This solution from here worked for me:
npm install -g edge-impulse-cli@1.26.0 --force