Edge Impulse Command line converter

Does Edge Impulse have a command line converter? I am very envious of the Quantization to INT8 but with Float32 inputs and outputs. How I have previousely been doing quantiziation is a command like this from a tensorflow keras saved_model.pb file with folders assets and vairables using tflite_convert

installed with

pip install tf-nightly  tensorflowjs 

one big command line

tflite_convert --saved_model_dir=./ --inference_type=tf.int8 --inference_output_type=tf.int8 --mean_value=128 --std_value=127 --output_file=./model_tf_INT8.tflite
xxd -i model_tf_INT8.tflite model_tf_INT8.h

Is there any way to do command line conversions on Edge Impulse (pehaps using edge-impulse-cli) and if not is this something edge impulse could allow from the main webpage.

So you can grab the quantized tflite files (both with int8 and float32 inputs/outputs) from the dashboard:

Then you just need to run xxd over it. Or you can export as C++ Library, disable EON, and then find the xxd’ed file in tflite-model.

Sorry @janjongboom, I was not clear about my question. I want to use an external model, not a model created using Edge Impulse. I can create tons of simple tensorflow keras .pb format pre-made models. Just wondering if their is an easy way to use the Edge Impulse tools to quantize my models?

Not at the moment unfortunately. We need to have access to raw data to properly quantize the models, and are not set up to import pretrained models.

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That makes sense. Thought I would ask.