Edge Impulse Architecture Icons

Hello EI-team,

It is not a feature request, but I found it suitable to place it under this topic.

AWS has Architecture Icon, Azure and Google have similar icons. My question: does edge impulse has its own Architecture icons?

It could be of interest if we, the community, publish some EI content online (blog, GitHub) or in (scientific) papers. Everyone uses the same icons and follows the same guidelines. I think we can also improve the documentation in the de readme part of the EI projects by using these icons.

Maybe, it can be added to EI branding page?

I am starting to prepare an open-access scientific paper. For some machine learning work, I use EI studio, so it could be interesting to use EI Architecture Icons inside this paper.


Hi @joeri,

I think this is an awesome suggestion and I have passed it on to our design team! As far as I am aware we currently do not have such icons though.

Best regards,