Downloading model failed when execute "edge-impulse-linux-runner"

device: jetson-orin-nano


I followed instruction of web to setup my environment, and success connect to Edge Impulse using “edge-impulse-linux” command.

but after I executed “edge-impulse-linux-runner” to try to run my impulse locally, i got error as below. How do i fix this error?


Edge Impulse Linux runner v1.7.0
[RUN] Downloading model…
[RUN] Failed to run impulse Filed to find deployment tyep “runner-linux-aarch64-jetson-orin”,…


i added argument “–force-target runner-linux-aarch64” to try to force to change supported target and it worked fine.
however, the display resolution that URL given is lower than “Launch in browser” function on “Deployment” tab. Are there any commands to adjust display resolution when i execute “edge-impulse-linux-runner” command?


Hi Chris!

Thanks for letting us know - could you please provide a project ID?

Thanks @ivan,

Hi @ChrisHsieh we have reported this issue to our tech team. For the moment you will need to continue to use:

--force-target runner-linux-aarch64



Hi Ivan,

my project id: 360319

thanks for your support!

Hello Ivan!
I use Jetson TX1 and have the same problem.

Downloading model…
[RUN] Failed to run impulse Failed to find deployment type “runner-linux-aarch64-jetson-orin”, types found: [“zip”,“wasm”,“wasm-browser-simd”,“wasm-node-simd”,“drp-ai-lib”,“tidl-lib”,“memryx-dfp”,“tidl-lib-am62a”,“tidl-lib-am68a”,“slcc”,“runner-linux-aarch64”,“runner-linux-armv7”,“runner-linux-x86_64”,“runner-mac-x86_64”,“runner-linux-aarch64-rzv2l”,“runner-linux-aarch64-tda4vm”,“runner-linux-aarch64-am62a”,“runner-linux-aarch64-am68a”]

–force-target runner-linux-aarch64
does not work