Download values from Data Explorer plot

Hello all,

is there a way to copy the values from the dots that shows the Data Explorer plot?
I want to replicate this plot maybe in python or matlab.


Hi @ErickGQ,

This is not something available but you could replicate something similar following our documentation: Data explorer - Edge Impulse Documentation.

You can already download the output of the DSP block as a numpy array from your project’s dashboard.


@ErickGQ If you just want to replicate the plot you can fetch the data via:{projectId}/raw-data/data-explorer/features

The data array has features in X, predicted label index in y; actual label (as string, bit confusing I know :slight_smile: ) in yLabel. Throw this in a scatter2d plot and you should get the same as ^.

Hi @janjongboom @aurel , could you please explain me more bouth methods?

I tried:
ProjectId: 129170
ProjectId: 134024
with the browser returning just JSON.
* "success": true,
* "hasFeatures": false,
* "data": []
Where’s the data?

@MMarcial You first need to generate the data explorer features. Easiest is through the UI:

(Alternatively via the generateDataExplorerFeatures API call here).


this works for me

I used the next link, just changed the part {projectId} for my project number, in my case 128963, so the final link is the second line{projectId}/raw-data/data-explorer/features

My results looks like the next picture

Thank you very much!