Double dropouts in EON Tuner


I am running EON Tuner and in some configurations, after the feature extractor (convnet), there are two consecutive dropout-layers with 0.5 rates. I was wondering if this behaviour is expected, what are the benefits of this?


Hello @ympyra,

I am not exactly sure if I would have tried that if I had to design an architecture by myself.
The EON tuner tests different possibilites and give you the best impulse corresponding to your settings.
I am asking our ML team if it has any known benefits to add two consecutive dropouts after a convnet.



I think this is a bug. I will investigate this behavior further and post an update here as soon as I know more.

Can you share your project ID and the title of a model variant for which this happens?

Hello @mathijs!

Project ID is 80416 and in EON Tuner, e.g.


have double dropouts.


Thanks @ympyra. I was able to identify the issue as a regression. I will deploy a fix to production by tomorrow at latest and post an update here as soon as the fix is live.

Hello @mathijs,

Thanks for the prompt reply and check!

Great! :slight_smile:

Hi @ympyra , a fix for this issue has been deployed! Apologies for the delay, resolving this issue proved to be slightly more complex than initially anticipated.

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