Does edge impulse support deployment for ZGM230S Dev Kit

Does edge impulse support deployment for ZGM230S Dev Kit?
I want to deploy a neural network trained on edge impulse on the ZGM230S Dev Kit using Simplicity Studio.
If it’s possible then how can I do this?
Do I need to write firmware for ZGM230S Dev Kit on Simplicity Studio?

Hi @husnain,

Edge Impulse does not currently support the ZGM230S development board. You can view our officially supported targets here: Officially supported MCU targets - Edge Impulse Documentation. Community supported boards are listed here: Community boards - Edge Impulse Documentation.

However, please note that you can upload data to Edge Impulse in a variety of ways, such as using the Data Forwarder or uploading files directly (e.g. CSV, JPG, WAV).

From there, your trained model can be deployed as a C++ library (C++ library - Edge Impulse Documentation). It requires some effort, but most microcontroller build systems will work with our C++ library. This, of course, requires that your build system has a C++ compiler and that there is enough flash/RAM on your microcontroller to run the library/model.

As a result, your board does not need to be fully supported to work with Edge Impulse. A “supported” board just means that there is pre-compiled firmware that communicates directly with the Studio. You can easily get around that by collecting/uploading data yourself and deploying the project via C++ library.

Hope that helps!