Do not compile anymore on Arduino from the last 5 days

The new impulse does not compile anymore with the EI Arduino library.

Platform IO message :

Assembler messages:
Compiling .pio\build\nano33ble\lib01c\ei-voice_command-arduino-1.0.1\edge-impulse-sdk\CMSIS\NN\Source\ConvolutionFunctions\arm_nn_mat_mult_kernel_q7_q15.c.o
Fatal error: can’t create .pio\build\nano33ble\lib01c\ei-voice_command-arduino-1.0.1\edge-impulse-sdk\CMSIS\NN\Source\ConvolutionFunctions\arm_depthwise_separable_conv_HWC_q7_nonsquare.c.o: No such file or directory
*** [.pio\build\nano33ble\lib01c\ei-voice_command-arduino-1.0.1\edge-impulse-sdk\CMSIS\NN\Source\ConvolutionFunctions\arm_depthwise_separable_conv_HWC_q7_nonsquare.c.o] Error 1

Did you modify the code on the server side ?

Thx a lot in advance for your help :blush:


I had the same issue yesterday, can you try removing the board from the boards manager and adding it again?
It worked for me.



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Hi Louis,

I will try and tell you,

Thank you very much for you help

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