Difference between Arduino Nano 33 BLE and Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense

I’m currently planning to do a project on predicting the life cycle of the battery using edge impulse. So I thought of buying Arduino Nano 33 BLE. But in the official website, it states that only Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense is a supported board. I came to know that the difference between these two boards is that the Nano 33 BLE Sense has some inbuilt sensors in it. In my use case I’m not going to use any of that inbuilt sensors.

Can I use Arduino Nano 33 BLE instead of Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense for doing TinyML projects?


Hello @Nanda019 ,

I have not tested it myself because I just have a BLE Sense but just looking at the specs should be enough to say that it will work for your project:

Source: Arduino Nano 33 BLE v/s 33 BLE Sense v/s 33 IoT - Arduino Project Hub

In your case, after downloading the Arduino Library generated by your Edge Impulse project, you will be able to run the static_buffer example by passing your raw features manually to the features buffer.

Once this work, you just need to find a way of filling this buffer programatically with the raw values you want to run your impulse with.

It is a very interesting project, let us know about the outcome and if you feel like sharing your public project or write an article about it, the community here will surely be happy to learn more!




Thanks for your reply @louis. Now I got some idea.