DFRobot HuskyLens with Edge Impulse?

I am trying to use the DFRobot HuskyLens camera module with Edge Impulse. I was wondering where I could find instructions on how to do this.

DFRobot HuskyLens product wiki: Gravity: HUSKYLENS AI Machine Vision Sensor - DFRobot Wiki

Hi @Raunak-Singh-Invento,

The HuskyLens is not an officially supported board for Edge Impulse. For performing inference on the camera, I recommend using the C++ SDK library that you can download from your Edge Impulse project. Information on using that library can be found here: As a generic C++ library - Edge Impulse Documentation

If you would like to port the official Edge Impulse firmware so that you can connect to Studio (i.e. to collect data, etc.), please see this guid: Porting Guide - Edge Impulse Documentation

@shawn_edgeimpulse @ShawnHymel I am participating in the Hackster Smart Campus competition sponsored by Edge Impulse, and in the free hardware they included the HuskyLens AI Camera.

Is there any official documentation regarding how to grab data from HuskyLens camera and put it in features array needed by the edge impulse generated c++ library.

Hi @Raunak-Singh-Invento,

We do not have example code on how to use the HuskyLens with Edge Impulse specifically. I am not familiar with how you program the HuskyLens. For writing custom firmware for the HuskyLens, I recommend asking on the DFRobot forum. If it helps, here is an example I created for the Arducam Pico4ML: ei-pico-visual-wake-words/main.cpp at main · ShawnHymel/ei-pico-visual-wake-words · GitHub

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