Detection of certain movement pattern using camera

Hey everyone!

I’m planning on building a system that classifies certain moving pattern using a camera. Unfortunately, could not find any resources on the same. Can someone please suggest me how to proceed with this Movement Pattern Recognition? I’m wondering how can I use edge impulse to train data and proceed further.

Hello @BruceWayne ,

You’ll probably need to apply a certain type of pre-processing of the input images or post-processing of the inference results. For both methods, you’ll probably need to have a fix camera.

For the pre-processing approach, you could combining several image into one image or matrix so you can get the movement information. Example with two frames substraction.


For the post-processing approach, you can use object tracking methods on top of an object detection model.

I think the first approach is less compute-ressource intensive especially if you only need to perform movement classification.

I hope that helps,