Deploying Impulse for Arduino Nano 33 BLE

Hi, I am a beginner in using Edge Impulse. I recently got the Arduino Nano 33 BLE to implement my Impulse.

My problem is right now, I do not how to proceed after generating the firmware for the Nano 33. For your information, I had been trying out on this project:

I am currently stuck in the following step:

My device has already been added on the Edge Impulse Devices tab. I am quite a beginner in Arduino Nano, can someone help in guiding me to proceed, because I still do not know how to load the firmware to the Nano and test my impulse.

Hi @edz_fitrey, after you run the script to flash the binary does it say that it succeeded? If so, open a terminal or command prompt and run:


This now runs your model on the Arduino!

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By binary, do u mean the NANO 33 firmware that is generated from the Edge Impulse? Because after building it and unzipping it, I do not know what to do with that file anymore.

What I did was flashing the firmware from this file, I’m not sure if it already includes the cough detection firmware that I built at Edge Impulse.

In the 3rd picture that I attached, it shows that the Nano33 is indeed running something successfully, but not the cough detection firmware that I built. Do you know how to make the Nano 33 to run that firmware instead?

Hmm that looks like it flashed successfully but the impulse looks like it’s not updated! Could you email me the ZIP you got from Edge Impulse to ?

@janjongboom I have managed to make it work, turns out I was unzipping the wrong file all this while!

It looks like the impulse is updated as well. Thanks!!

May I know, from where can I configure the recording length, because the duration seems to be too short for me to experiment on my impulse (less than 1 second)


You can set the size under Create impulse here: