Deploying Edge Impulse Embedded ML on the Xilinx Kria KV260

I am following tutorial on Deploying Edge Impulse Embedded ML on the Xilinx Kria SoM FPGA but few steps are not clear and connected and images are repeated (in Installing Vitis and Vitis AI, Creating the dataset, Quantizing and compiling the model steps). Kindly check if some missing link so that steps can be easily followed.

Hello @timothy.malche,

I will reach out to Adam Taylor who wrote this blog post for these revisions. Thank you for letting us know!

Hi @timothy.malche,

I reached out to Adam Taylor, he would prefer to discuss in detail over email, can you please send me an email to hello [at] ? I will then connect you two.

Thank you!

Hi Jenny, for what it’s worth, I was going through the tutorial and noticed similar issues. It looks like the images don’t align to the text (and as Timothy said, sometimes repeat).


Hi @jlutzwpi,

Thank you for pointing this out as well, I will see about getting it updated!

– Jenny

If the tutorial is going to be updated, here are some other recommended changes to syntax errors:

  1. Bash -x should be bash -x
  2. ./ Xilinx/vitis-ai-cpu:latest should be xilinx/vitis-ai-cpu:latest

Also, would be good to have a note that the docker commands won’t work as is if it requires superuser access to run. There are additional steps one would have to take for docker to run without sudo.

Overall, this is a good tutorial that is very ambitious!


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