Deploy Edge Impulse to nRF52832 via nRF5 SDK


We are using nRF52832 and our project is built via nRF5 SDK. We tested Edge Impulse for our application via PC, and the trained model seems very good to us. We would like to integrate it into our project.

Most of guidelines regarding integration of Edge Impulse into Nordic products only use NCS (nRF Connect SDK). It will take very long time for us to migrate the whole project from nRF5 SDK to nRF Connect SDK.

Can please someone provide help about how to integrate Edge Impule into nRF5 SDK?

We are normally using SES for development, but we can use cmake with armgcc as well.

I would appreciate any assistance.

P.S. I have seen some information in this discussion, but it is not sufficient for me unfortunately.

Got it to work.

Github example:

Video instructions:

Discussion page on Nordic Devzone:

Waiting for your feedback.


@rrzayev awesome thanks for this, well done!

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