Deadline extension

Hi, I was wondering if I could have my deadline could be extended for my machine learning model. I’ve taken 1222 images for my dataset, however I can’t seem to get an accuracy over 70% and wanted to see if I could get a higher accuracy by lowering the learning rate and increasing the number of epochs. I was running at 200 epochs with learning rate of 0.0001 before, but would like to increase to 800 training cycles to see what accuracy increase I might get. I believe that my model is currently underfitting and that this is heading on the right path to get the most out of my model. Also how much time would it be possible to add just so I don’t use too many epochs next time I run the model? Thank you

Hey Joseph,

Would you send an email with the project ID in question, or post it here? We can definitely add time to your project, and it will be to 1hr training time.


Hey this has now been updated.