Dataset from from 2 channels of the Emg sensor/unable to upload due to timestamp

i have datasets consisted of 10 different movements of the hand recorded with 8 subjects each subject preformed the hand for 6 trails however, how can i upload all these files i faced an issue while uploading since the data does not have timestamp
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here is the 10 picture of the 10 movements

if the dataset is csv, you need to add a timestamp column before your data column. ie:
if you have Gyro Data with value like this:

you need to add timestamp column before the X column like this example:

the interval of the timestamp is same with your data logging interval. for further reading, you can read this post
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How to add the timestamps according to what

you can add timestamp with your office software, if csv use maybe excel or google sheet. Or maybe you can use python pandas to add the timestamps columns.
The timestamps is according to your data logging time. Actually you can calcualte it with formula: (data acquisition duration in ms/total data).
example you have 100 data, with acquisition duration = 10 second.
so your timestamps interval are 10000 ms/100 = 100.
according to the interval value, your data with timestamp column would like this:

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Thank you sooo much . So can i add the repetitions movements into one file with the whole subjects as I mentioned i have 10 classes and each classes has repetitions 6 times for each of one subject where the total subjects are 8 so how can I handle that

im still facing the same issue eventhough after i did the timestamp

You are using name “Timestamp” on your column, the correct name is “timestamp”. use all lower character

thanks manged to solve it