Data Logging to microSD with BrickML

I have a few BrickML devices that I have deployed a temperature/humidity model to and would like to treat it as a data logger, storing data on the microSD when it is receiving power in the field (not plugged into a computer).

However, when I plug the BrickML into power via outlet, the light turns blue and does not seem to stay on for long, and no data is recorded. Do you have advice on this? Thank you!

Project ID:
If there is something better I can be doing here, please give me any and all advice. Thank you.

Context/Use case:
I am going to run the BrickML with a power bank charger inside a waterproof case on the side of a large mechanical arm to record temperature and humidity (eventually also: vibs/shock, movement, acceleration) during working hours. Recording this data will help with further mechanical decisions and calibration, as well as anomaly alerts if the temperature has drastic changes.

Hi @kylene

The SD handling has not been released yet, but we are working on it and should be released soon.