Data collection time error!

Question/Issue: The Data acquisition time is 0!

Project ID:

Context/Use case: I have imported the .csv data from the MIT-BIH datasets. But the data collection time is 0. Is this only calaculated if we collect data using Edge Impulse??


Can you share the first rows of your CSV file?

If you share your project ID and you’d like to test one of our new feature, we will be releasing soon a new feature to help you import csv files. Just let me know if you are interested in testing that feature and I can grant you the access. It might help you.



Thank you @louis . My project ID is 190826. I have seen the addition of a new tab - CSV Wizard. Will try and update about the feature.


How long are the recordings?

Can you check if there is a timestamp inside the CSV? Also timestamps need to be in millisecond. Maybe the CSV file format is not correct; take a look at the following:
Importing CSV data

I have about 2 minutes of both normal and arrythmia ECG signals. Every sample is about 10s long.

Hello @va1labh,

FYI, we released our CSV Wizard feature and added the documentation:



Verify if the format is correct.
A format similar as shown below with a timestamp in millisecond.

I am unsure, but I think the dataset is provided in seconds.


And as @louis suggested, maybe use the Wizard to verify this.