Data Augmentation options keep disappearing

I have a project (154) with MFE + Classifier doing keyword detection. Recently I’ve noticed that after playing with the model for some time (changing topology, retraining, etc.) at some point the Data Augmentation options disappear. At that point the only way to get them back is to blow away the entire model and start from scratch, at which point they reappear, but is obviously quite time consuming. I am going to rebuild 154 right now so if you look at it don’t be surprised if DA is present!

I should add that re-adding the classifier by itself does nothing. I have to remove the MFE block for the DA options to reset.

EDIT: It seems like this only happens when I “retrain model”

Hi @jefffhaynes,

The project 154 belongs to another user, can you double check your project ID? It’s also displayed in the URL.
Regarding your issue, are you using the Keras Expert mode by chance?


Sorry, 164! And no, not currently using expert mode although I may have spent some time in expert mode in the past. The current impulse is fresh and has never been edited in expert mode.

Any updates? This is still an issue and I was just able to reproduce it in a new project (137713).

Hello @jefffhaynes,

I can see on the 137713 project that you are using the expert mode which does not allow (or at least not with one click of a button) data augmentation.
Would you be able to reproduce your issue in a new project so I can have a deeper look please?



Yes, I switched to expert mode to stop the augmentation options from disappearing. I recreated the issue in project 138339.

The steps I used to reproduce are:

  • Load audio data
  • Create impulse (MFE+Keras)
  • Create features
  • Select training and data augmentation options and define NN
  • Train to completion
  • Delete one audio sample (really changing the corpus in any way seems to do it)
  • Retrain (using the retrain tab)

At this point the augmentation features are no longer available under the NN tab.

@louis are you able to see it in project 137713?

Hello @jefffhaynes,

So on 137713 I cannot see it as it is using the expert mode.
On 138339 I can indeed see that the option is not available.

I am creating an internal ticket so our core engineers can investigate.



I spent some more time investigating, I can reproduce on a fork of your project but not on some other projects. What seems to be different from the two projects is the number of filters for the DSP (thus the reshape layer of the NN).

Our core engineers will have a look.

Thanks for reporting.