Data acquisition on arduino nano ble 33

Hi Forum,

today my arduino nano ble 33 arrived and i immediately started capturing raw data. At this point i realized the visualization for the acceleration cant be right. For the microphone i had to speak very loud to even see a swing in the ui.

I moved the arduino quite often and in a arduino sketch i can see changes in the serial prints. So the sensor seems fine.

(you can only post 1 picture on 1 post actually)

On this one, i have the feeling the recording is way to quit.

Did anybody experienced the same with the arduino nano ble 33?

Greetings Jan

@JanFiedler do you have the Arduino Nano 33 BLE sense?

On the normal (non-sense) one the sensors are not mounted!

Yes i own the sense one. And with a Arduino Sketch i found online i can see changing acceleration in the serial monitor.

Potential issue is that mixing audio and accelerometer data in a single project messes up the axes in the graphs. If you refresh the page and click on accelerometer data, does it show proper movement in the graph (based on your screenshot)?

Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense is one of the most used device in the community, but the microphone is indeed not very sensitive.

That was it!! A simple refresh did the job.

Thanks Jan. Really nice webinar today btw.

Greetings Jan

Thanks a lot! And will make sure this behaviour is fixed in the studio!