Custom processing blocks dependency errors


I’ve been messing around with trying to a deploy a modified version of the MFE audio processing block but am currently in dependency hell. I’ve followed the custom deployment block tutorial, but using the MFE block as a base ( However I quickly run into the issue that pip cannot find a match for the distro-info===0.23ubuntu1 requirement, and even if I bypass that, I get an issue with the pycairo dependency where it fails when trying to build the wheel. Is there some other set up I have to do with my build environment for this dockerfile to build correctly?

BTW I am using the latest Docker for Windows with the WSL2 backend

Argh, the fun of Python dependencies. They can break even if you have literally every dependency pinned to a specific version. Will push a fix later today.

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@tennies try this: - will merge into master once all tests have passed.


Seems to be working now, thank you!

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