CSV uploader returns No API key set

I am trying to upload my CSV data but the uploader always returns Failed to process AIN1.csv: Project has no development API key set. Add one from the “Keys” page under the projects dashboard.

  1. I do have set both API and HMAC keys

  1. even the sample CSV file from https://docs.edgeimpulse.com/reference#importing-csv-data cannot be uploaded this way

My CSV file:

timestamp, AIN1
1.000, 0.5935
2.000, 0.4373
3.000, 0.2593
4.000, 0.4243
5.000, 0.5837
6.000, 0.7134
7.000, 0.7930
8.000, 0.8223
9.000, 0.8008
10.000, 0.7263

What do I do wrong?

OK, there must be an API key with Development flag.

I suggest to add this information to the guide because uploading CSV data to a blank project is than troublesome.

@hwidvorakinfo thanks for the feedback, FYI every new project has development keys already set.

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