CSV import failure

Unfortunately I’m unable to import csv data as described in the manual

CSV can be found here

[1/1] Failed to upload dummy_sample0.csv x-bounding-boxes is not valid json

What does this mean?


I just experienced the same error while importing images, we are currently investigating. It might come from a recent changes while adding the support of the bounding boxes import from the uploader. Thanks for letting us know.
I will keep you informed on the fixes.



Hello @fferket,

Our core engineering team has been noticed. In the meantime, you can use the CLI to upload your CSV:
edge-impulse-uploader your-file.csv --category split --clean

Let me know if you need some help.



Thank you for the quick support and providing a workaround.

Also the ei_uploaders seems not to support the csv format provided. Please see my output below:

Hello @fferket.

This issues has been solved.
Let me known if you still encounter the issue.



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Hi louis,

Confirmed! Thank you!