CSV file with a timestamp not recognized


I am a new user evaluating your platform. I’m unable to import my custom CSV data. While my data set does not require timestamps, I’ve added one manually to ensure conformity with the import requirements. When I try to import I get an error: “For CSV files without a timestamp column, need exactly one line with values (but found ###)”

Project ID:: AF Analysis Data Project

Here is a sample of my data set:


Could it be a file naming issue? My file name is CLEAN.001.CSV

Thank you for any assistance.


Hi @davidtheITguy,

Hmm…I copied your data to a CSV file with the same name and it uploaded without a problem to Studio for me. A few questions:

  • What OS are you using?
  • What text editing software did you use to create the file?
  • How did you upload the file to Edge Impulse (e.g. Studio GUI, using a script or API, etc.)?