Crowd data sourcing

I want to intorduce TinyML to a bunch…

I have multiple Thunderboard Sense, these may connect using WebUsb.
I’we made my project public, but how do i allow others to upload data to the same project, we need a bunch of utterances of the same keyword ? e.g 5-10. boards connected and uploading to the same project at once ?

I belive i’we seen @louis pull this off at a workshop, using the same board ?

public project: thunderboard_beer - Dashboard - Edge Impulse

Hi @morten_ece_au,

You have a few options for crowd sourcing data collection:

  • Connect multiple boards to the same project and have people connect the boards using the CLI tool to upload data.
  • Have everyone collect data to separate projects. Download the data from those projects and merge them into a single project.
  • Host a simple site that allows people to record and submit audio samples (I have an example of this here). Then, upload all the .wav files to your project.