Creating a .ucf file from deployment

hi everyone! I created a model that I am trying to deploy to the Nicla Vision for a project I am doing using the IMU. I am wondering if there is anyway to delopy an edge impulse model to a .ucf file. I noticed that it isn’t available straight away but I was wondering if there is a way to deploy to another library that would then provide the .ucf file. Similar to the ones here: I would just use this but they don’t have a model trained to do gesture recognition similar to the motion detection example in edge impluse. thank you!

Hi @ytafesse,

Edge Impulse does not output .ucf files. Those are specifically generated by ST’s Unico-GUI tool:

You have a few options if you wish to use a model trained on Edge Impulse:

  • Export as an Arduino library
  • Export as a pre-compiled binary for the Nicla Vision
  • Export as a C++ library and link to it from STM32CubeIDE. See this example for how I performed the linking.