Couldn't integrate code for external sensors into the EDGE IMPULSE Model

Question/Issue: How to integrate code for external sensors into the EDGE IMPULSE Model?

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Context/Use case:
We are trying to build an emg signal classifier and deploy the model into Arduino BLE 33. But firstly, we don’t have any clear idea how to do that. Specifically, we have our custom code to collect raw data but don’t exactly know how to integrate this code snippet with the model itself.
We have 5 EMG sensors we tried to integrate the code into the model but had no luck, the prediction is always incorrect.

Can anyone help me with this?

Hi @Asgar,

Could you share your project ID so we can see where you are getting the error?

For projects like this that use custom sensors, I recommend collecting your data in a CSV file and using our CSV wizard to upload the data: CSV Wizard - Edge Impulse Documentation

From there, I recommend reading our guide on how to use the C++ library to perform inference with arbitrary data: As a generic C++ library - Edge Impulse Documentation. Because you are using the Arduino library, you can probably skip the parts dealing with linking.

Hope that helps!