Couldnt flash to himax using arduino IDE

I’m trying to flash to himax using the arduino IDE using 2 of this links as a guide:

however i’ve got an issue with the 2nd push reset button step.
this is the problem that i am facing:

COM port connected.
Please push the RESET button on board.
Transmit command data.
Start burning firmware image!
[Progress]:[|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>| 100%]
Please push the RESET button on board again.

it doesnt flash to my himax no matter how many times i pressed the reset button.
can anyone please advise on how i can get this fixed? thank you! :slight_smile:

Hi @weijunawj,

Based on the output, it looks like the firmware was flashed correctly.
Can you run edge-impulse-daemon once it’s flashed?

Also note that our Himax support uses the ARC toolchain for full hardware acceleration, and not Arduino: