Couldn't find "classify using own model" option in Label suggestion dropbox

In the documentation data acquisition, It is mentioned that there is a option to classify using own model. I couldn’t find it in my project. Im using bounding box labeling method.

Do i need to change any setting to get that option?


Hi Ramson,

Yes, you need to have a dataset that is unlabelled in your data acquisition tab, from there you will notice something called a labelling queue. You click on it and then you can see the images. You can select your model from the right side and then start labelling with it.

Hi @OmarShrit ,

There is no such option!!.


What model have you trained?
If you are using FOMO, then you can not label it because it is not supported yet.

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Hi @OmarShrit,
Yes i have trained FOMO model only. Thanks for the info.