Could not find any devices connected over serial port. Edge-impulse-daemon + Nicla Vision

Hi everyone,
i am trying to use nicla vision with edge-impulse-daemon. I followed the tutorial on the site. I flashed the nicla vision with EI firmware but, after resetting the board, the edge-impulse-daemon (and even my pc, i am working on windows) “could not find any devices connected over serial port”. Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance!

Hi @colino,

What version of the edge-impulse-cli are you using? please try to upgrade to the latest one to see if this works


Hi @OmarShrit,

thanks for the answer. I am using v1.17.3. Still not working.

During the flash_windows.bat i have an error:
Finding Arduino Nicla Vision OK at COM6 TOUCH: error during reset: port openings at 1200bps: Invalid serial port.

This doesn’t block the operation since the bat ends correctly.
Don’t know if this can help.