Contributing to the project

Hello Edge Impulse,
I am a freshly graduated engineer. You may remember me from the questions I posted a long time ago ( about 9 months ago), I got busy with my final project. I was wondering if you’re looking for new developers to contribute to the project, and if yes, what are the skills that you look for in a new hire.

Hey @doliprane! An idea of what we’re looking for is in the requirements here: - but it’s a pretty specialized position. In general though some things we look for:

  • Interest in ML, having an idea on cool things you could build with Edge Impulse.
  • Knowledge of either building scalable web applications, infrastructure, embedded software or ML.
  • Passion for building a community!

(and last, but this might change: living in Europe or the US, so we don’t have the team too spread out)

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