Continuous mode on RP2040 disabled?

Hi Edge Impulse team,

While trying the firmware of the RP2040 and building it for a custom board, I noticed that running the impulse in continuous mode is disabled in the ai_at_handlers.cpp:

I’ve tried enabling it since the continuous mode functions are there on the ei_run_impulse.cpp file:

But didn’t make it to work yet, the CLI just gets stucked and no error is shown:

Are you working on this support or have tried the core in this mode?

By the way, the rest works perfectly, I am working with audio sampling with a PDM microphone.


Hi @mcmchris,

Thank you for posting this. I have filed an issue in the firmware repo that points to your message:

@AIWintermuteAI would likely know best as to why it’s disabled.

We’re in the process of review of PR that would allow using microphone on Arduino RP2040 Connect and also will add continuous inference support - only for microphone though, not generic fusion sensors.
Stay tuned.

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Nice, thanks, I want you to know that I’ve integrated the PDM microphone into the RP2040 firmware successfully, I can use it in normal mode, and it works perfectly, and also can send 10+ seconds of high-quality audio to Edge Impulse through the daemon. You should hire me I think!

Will be waiting for your version of this solution, thanks.

Hi @mcmchris,

It looks like @AIWintermuteAI pushed an update to the RP2040 firmware. Audio continuous sampling/inference should be available now:

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