Connection problems with ESP32-S3-EYE

I use Edge Impulse for a project. There I want to connect ESP32-S3-EYE to Edge Impulse. If I want to connect it with the command ‘edge-impulse-data-forwarder --clean’, I log in and choose a project. Then I get the following error message:

Failed to get information off device No validated sensor readings received form device. Note that the data forwarder can only auto-detect frequencies >2Hz. You can override the frequency via --frequency.

Even though if I set my frequency to, for example, 10 with the command ‘–frequency 10’, I still get the error message.

How can I solve my problem?

If the ESP-S3-EYE is the same as the ESP-EYE, then you need to program your device with the EYE firmware:

Then run the Forwarder.

That’s what I thought, using the ‘edge-impulse-daemon’ command, but that doesn’t work either

Basically the ESP-S3-EYE needs to output a data stream compatible with the EdgeImpulse Forwarder or the Daemon.

The Forwarder does not work with audio:

  • The audio goes too fast for the data forwarder to be captured. If you have PCM data already then turning it into a WAV file and uploading with the uploader is the easiest. (Reference)

See this link or this link for an accelerometer example and how to format the data stream.