Connecting two webcams to a Jetson nano and use Linux CLI

I have a Jetson Nano running Linux version 4.5.1. There are two webcams attached to the board. I can connect the first webcam to my project with “edge-impulse-linux --clean --disable-microphone --apikey ”, set a device name and select a webcam. It appears in the project under “Devices” with the MAC address of eth0 as ID. When I do the same thing (in parallel) for the second camera, it doesn’t ask me for a device name anymore and uploads the pictures to the same device. The only way I was able to connect a second webcam to the “Data Acquisition” was to change the MAC address of eth0 after registering the first device. Unfortunately, this is unreliable and doesn’t work every time.

Is there an easier way to connect two webcams from one Jetson nano to one project?


Not that I am aware of, short of adding a second device for the camera.

Can you share the code that you have written here so we can offer some suggestion on why it may be unreliable? Thanks!

When you are running your impulse using both cameras that code will need to be altered too. Is this for a robotics project or can you give some detail, we may have some others in the community that can offer suggestion.