Connecting to Edge Impulse

Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to connect Arduino Nano 328 FT232 Klon to Edge Impulse?

Hi @sedef26,

We do not support that board officially, so you will not be able to run our CLI tool to have it directly connected to a project.

However, you can certainly use it to capture data samples and save those samples in CBOR, JSON, or CSV format. You can then upload those files to your project to create a machine learning model.

That being said, I highly doubt that the 328p on that board will be able to run anything but the K-means anomaly detection algorithm. We generally require 32-bit processors (e.g. Arm Cortex-M0, M3, M4, ESP32, etc.) to run neural networks. There’s simply not enough RAM, flash, and processing power on most 8- or 16- bit microcontrollers.

See Data forwarder for getting data in, but yeah as Shawn mentioned not a lot will run on this.

So i cant collect ECG data on Arduino Nano 328? Im working on a project for the first time and as you can tell, I’m an amateur . I appreciate the help .

Hi @sedef26,

You can use a Nano 328 to collect data, but not using the Edge Impulse tools.

You will need to write some Arduino code to save your data somewhere (e.g. as .csv files on an SD card). Then, you can upload those .csv files to the Edge Impulse studio.

[edit] Correction: you can use the Edge Impulse tools, as Jan mentioned. You need to run the edge-impulse-data-forwarder on your computer and pass data to it from your microcontroller over a Serial connection.

@sedef26 Just write the ECG data over the serial port and use the data forwarder to forward the data to Edge Impulse.

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