Connecting Openbci Cyton board via USB dongle connection with Raspberry Pi 4 to the Edge Impulse


My goal is to connect the OpenBCI Cyton board to Edge Impulse. I started by connecting the OpenBCI Cyton board to a Raspberry Pi 4 via the USB dongle. I attempted to establish the connection with Edge Impulse. While I could see the Raspberry Pi 4 on Edge Impulse, I was unable to detect the OpenBCI Cyton board (the EEG sensors).

I would greatly appreciate help on how to establish a connection with the Cyton board through the dongle, allowing me to directly read EEG data on Edge Impulse.

Thank you

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Hi @Netwave_paul1

That board is not supported directly I recommend following their guide and at the point of serial output Then stream the preprocessed data to our platform via our data forwarder



Many thanks @Eoin for your reply.

I have tried using data forwarder from my pi but not being recognized.
May be there are dependencies for using it.

Thank you for your response.