Connecting an MXChip IoT Devkit to Edge Impulse

Hi everyone!

I just published a blog post in the form of a tutorial on how to easily connect virtually any device to the Edge Impulse backend without having to necessarily implement the complete set of AT commands.

I am sharing it here as this may be a good reference for folks who may not have an STM32 board at hand and who’d like to quickly get from zero to a fully-trained model, like I did! :slight_smile:

Also check the accompanying video:


Awesome @kartben2, I’ve ordered a board! One suggestion for your model, typically stuff performs better if features are on a similar scale, gyro is now much higher. Quick fix would be:

  • Create two spectral features blocks, one for gyro and one for accelerometer.
  • Set the scale axes parameter of the gyro to 0.0001 or something to make it match the scale of the accelerometer.
  • Proceed as usual. :rocket:


Congratulations and excellent job! Is the mic function enabled in the firmware you developed to test the edge Impulse audio classifier using MXChip?

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Thanks @rsiquijor! At the moment I haven’t implemented audio capture but I’ve just created an issue to consider adding this :slight_smile:
Would love to hear more about the usecase you have in mind, especialliy since I’m assuming you already have some experience with the MXChip devkit!

Thanks @kartben2 I have an MXCHIP which I haven’t used for anything so when I stumbed on your blog, I thought that I would like to try to use it in conjunction with Edge Impulse. However, my use case is sound classification and that is why I asked if the firmware you developed can capture sound.

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