Connect Smart Watch with the Edge Impulse for Gesture Recognition Data

I hope this message finds you well. I’m currently working on a Motion Sensor Project and plan to collect accurate motion (gesture) data directly from my Samsung Watch 3, Samsung Watch 3 LTE, and Samsung Watch 4 LTE models. Given your expertise, I would appreciate your guidance on the most effective method for data collection.

Any insights or recommendations you can provide would be invaluable to my project. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Hi @RajKumar

Is that watch designed in Tizen or Android?

The first step would be to build an app that can export the accelerometer training data to CSV for upload to your project or send it directly to our ingestion api

You might want to start with a test app for your hardware getting the hello world working as a test app to get comfortable with the dev enviroment:



Hi Eoin,
Here I have both a Tizen and an Android watch.
Which would be better to develop?

I was already using Samsung Health and Strava.
From there I had to download the CSV files.
But while uploading them on Edge impulse it is asking for the header files.

Is there any Firmware to upload in the Smartwatch?

We dont have any WearOS or Tizen examples, you should review both and see which you find easiest.