Confused about BYO model

I apologize if this is largely a result of my ignorance w.r.t. how pre-trained models work, but I’ve been playing around with the BYO model feature. Just as a test, I exported the data for an audio classification block and then trained it locally. I then uploaded the trained ML block and attempted to run the same training and validation data through a training session. I was expected the loss to be extremely low right off the bat, since in theory the model should be already optimized for that data, but that wasn’t the case. The accuracy was roughly 50/50, as though the model had never been trained (by comparison, the uploaded model had a loss of around 0.06). What am I missing?

@janjongboom any chance you could look at this?

Hi @jefffhaynes

Can you share the project ID please? We can take a look.



Project is 64474. Thanks!

Anything more on this?

bump @Eoin

I’ve had to move on, so that project may no longer be in a useful state. If someone is able to look at this, please let me know and I can try to put things back the way they were.