Compiling .bin for ST IoT Discovery


I’m interested in compiling an Arduino library to binary to then upload to my ST IoT Discovery Kit (L475E-N0T01A). Edge Impulse offers direct .bin deployment for this board, but I’m interested in compiling my own .bin based on an Edge Impulse Arduino library.

How might I go about this? Compiling the nano_ble33_sense_microphone.ino (not surprisingly) doesn’t work.

Hello @avielbr, I am not sure this board has been ported to Arduino IDE.

But you can compile your firmware using the STM32CubeIDE:



@avielbr you can also use mbed to compile the firmware for this board, here’s our open source implementation:
Also the mbed documentation to package your impulse in a standalone application:


@louis and @aurel – thank you for your replies!

Will report back when I get this working :slight_smile: