Collectiong data

Can we collect data with Lsm9ds1 sensor and test it in the program with lsm6dso sensor?

Hi @Ghazi,

The LSM9DS1 is a sensor that communicates via I2C or SPI. It is not capable of running user code. You need to connect it to a microcontroller, which can be programmed to collect data and upload that data to Edge Impulse. Hope that helps!

DSSo there is some sensors where we can run codes without microcontroller, can you tell some of them,
And for my question I want to ask if I can have library with LSM9DS1 sensor, and run this library with another sensor like lsmdso32?

Hi @Ghazi,

I know there are some sensors with embedded processors. I can’t think of any examples off the top of my head right now, but I’m sure a Google search could give you some examples.

The LSM6DSO32 is a different sensor than the LSM9DS1, so you’ll need to find (or write) a different library.

I’am talking about the c++ library

Hi @Ghazi,

Ah, apologies. You can collect data from different sensors to train your model. However, the data must have the same sampling rate and same units (e.g. m/s^s for accelerometer data). Additionally, note that the LSM6DS0 has 6 channels (x, y, z for each an accelerometer and gyroscope) whereas the LSM9DS1 has 9 channels (x, y, z for each accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer). As a result, you would only be able to collect data from and use for inference the 6 channels that are common to both.