Collection Data from POLAR H10 on arduino nano 33 BLE sense to Edge Impulse inform of numbering

"Hi guys, currently im working with Arduino nano BLE 33 sense to detect the abnormal and normal heart rate condition Edge Impulse using a POLAR H10 model, the issues was the collection bluetooth data from POLAR H10 was in numbering form and on edge impulse was support on Hz format only, how can It convert it to Hz format*

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Welcome @Faiz96

From memory the Polar collects data in BPM right? So 1Hz would be the sample rate for 1 beat per second.


  • 60 BPM means the heart beats 60 times per minute.
  • 1Hz sampling rate would be the sampling rate.

Hope this clarifies,



In the CSV Wizard doc I’ve used the H10 to export to CSV, if you just do that it would be easier: