Collect sensor data straight from your web browser

Collecting data from real devices is the first step of any embedded machine learning solution, and to make this even easier we're adding support for Web Serial to the Edge Impulse Studio. This means that you can now collect data from any fully-supported development board straight from your browser, without any other tools installed on your computer.

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I have a RPI Nano, which uses the RP2040 and is on the list of fully-supported development boards. Would I be able to use the Web Serial integration to sample sensors through that device? I am primarily interested in sampling from my accelerometer, which is not a built-in sensor. I’m a big fan of the product, but neither I or my IT department have been able to get the CLI installed on our computers and I’m trying to find any other method of sending that accel data to my Edge Impulse project.

Hello @bda9426,

I don’t have a RPI nano nor a RPI2040 on my side but as the board is now fully supported, you should be able to use the Web Serial. Note that the RPI2040 does not have any sensor so we added the possibility to grab this accelerometer’s data LSM6DS3 Accelerometer & Gyroscope when connected to I2C0:

If you’re looking to integrate other sensors, the easiest would be to use the data-forwarder but it requires the CLI to be setup. Maybe I can help you on that, what are the issues you’re seeing?

Can you make sure:

  • You’ve installed NodeJS v14 or higher with the Development tools (most common error we see)
  • You’ve installed Python3

We are trying to logs the issues and their solutions in the troubleshooting section, maybe you missed that last part:



Hi when i try installing node js 18.14.0 LTS and running edge-impulse-data-forwarder command on CLI it gives me this error
Failed to get information off device No valid sensor readings received from device. Note that the data forwarder can only auto-detect frequencies >2Hz. You can override the frequency via --frequency.

But when i install node js 19.6.0
i get this error

Can you please help as soon as possible

Hi bda9426,

late reply but maybe valuable for others.
I use the Arduino Nano rp2040. To get it working you need to choose the Raspberry RP2040 Board as Device, not an Arduino as I initially assumed. It’s mentioned here Docs
Hope hat helps, I got it working with the mic (didn’t try the gyro yet)


I get the same error, I am using Adafruit itsy-bitsy RP2040. I have installed all additional packages of node. not sure what the issue is

Hello @shrdz, @tabrez

Not sure your issues are related to the thread title?

Could you please open a new thread if you still have issues?

If it is related to the data-forwarder, providing the code you used to print your raw data in the serial console might be useful to debug too.
If it’s related the the CLI installation, here is a troubleshooting guide: Installation - Edge Impulse Documentation