Collect pressure and color data from Arduino Nano 33 Sense BLE


I’ve followed your tutorial and I’m able to upload the firmware to Arduino Nano 33 Sense BLE and to connect it to Edge Impulse Studio to collect data directly from the board.

However, I can select only built-in microphone or built-in accelerometer… how can I retrieve pressure or humidity or color datas from the sensors on the board?

I see from tutorial with another board it is possible to retrieve also data from external sensors:

Generally, If I add another sensor to the Arduino Nano 33 board (i.e. VOC), what code I have to modify in order to see in the data collection page of Studio such sensor?

Do I have to modify the firmware or do I have to load a specific sketch before?

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Hi, take a look at - this lets you grab data from any sensor!

Wow, perfect

thanks a lot Jan!


In addition to what @janjongboom said,
these are few examples of data forwarder -
Upload this to your Arduino to send color data in 3 axis, R, G, B -

Upload this to your Arduino board to send temperature, humidity and pressure data -

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Thanks oalso to you @dhruvsheth for the precious examples!

Do you please have also an example equivalent to the nano_ble33_sense_microphone_continuous in order to infer the trained pressure, humidity etc… parameters?

Maybe I have to merge the acquisition part from your examples and the microphone one I think, but I do not know exactly how to do it (I’m quite new to Arduino, sorry)

Thanks for everything (anyway)


@wallax, see <-- this has the corresponding sketch for classifying data that was collected with the data forwarder earlier.

Also in case you run into errors, here’s the script specifically for temp, humidity and Pressure by @janjongboom
Visit the topic to see-


maybe I miss the link for the script specifically for temp, humidity and Pressure… however I see that the acceleration example (i.e. data reading and classification sketches) in the link form @janjongboom can be modified for other sensors, I’m right?



Yes, the script can be edited from using accelerometer to any sensor axis to generate raw features for the model. Also this is the specific link(that link was redirecting to a wrong page) - Generating Raw features for static_buffer script

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Thank you all


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