COCO Annotations not uploaded via Web Uploader

I am trying to upload my dataset in the COCO Format. When using the “Add existing data” >> “Upload Data” Form and upload a image folder with a coco annotations json file, the images are uploaded, but the annotations are note. In the log output, it is indicated, that the annotations file was successfully parsed.

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Research on small object detection, trying to upload my dataset in COCO Format. The dataset is valid in other algorithms that use COCO Format.

Hi @roha

Can you share a notebook/gist with the example format you are working with or standard COCO JSON?

We have a comprehensive guideline on our annotation formatting here:



Hi @Eoin
It was my mistake - I mistook the “_annotations.coco.json” for a placeholder name

It was a bit confusing to me, since my coco json file (named “instances_train”), was correctly recognized and parsed from what I could see in the log and selecting it automatically displayed the “COCO, Boundingbox” selection in the UI. However, only if the file is named “_annotations.coco.json” , it will be correctly imported.

Thank you for your help!
Best, Rohan

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