Classify job result question

So, I have a quick question, I may just be overthinking/underthinking this topic.

This curl request states that it returns the result for the complete testing data.

Does this mean if I were to run some motion data with two different classifications, movedLeft and movedRight, and the accelerometer data has been passed through the ingestion services testing/classify endpoint, that I could be able to see this information on my mobile device by making the request?

I’m trying to find out if I can request the classified information from the client to display on a mobile device.

I hope this question makes sense, if not I can try to clarify!

Thanks in advance,


Hi @DoitfortheLulz, yes, but you’ll need to start a classify job first ( before the data is available here.

If you want data from a single sample, it might be easier to just call the ‘classify sample’ endpoint (

Or, if this’ll run in the browser, just deploy the model directly to WebAssembly ( and do the inferencing completely locally.