Classification time

I have deployed the example “Tutorial: Responding to your voice” to a PSoC6 dev board.

I am getting prediction time as below:
Predictions (DSP: 84 ms, Classification: 332 ms):
helloworld: 0.52344
noise: 0.00195
unknown: 0.47461

In the deployment page it suggests LATENCY 36 ms with Quantized (int8) EON™ Compiler enabled.

I have tried run_classifier and run_classifier_continuous both but similar classification time. The PSoC6 has Cortex M4 with FPU running at 100MHz.
I have used


before including edge impulse headers which helped in reducing the DSP time but the classification time remains same. What else am I missing?

You’ll also need to enable CMSIS_NN via: EI_CLASSIFIER_TFLITE_ENABLE_CMSIS_NN=1.

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Predictions (DSP: 84 ms, Classification: 25 ms)

Thanks a lot @janjongboom!

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